Palm Springs Rattan
Palm Springs Rattan is the most beautiful Hand Crafted Rattan available on the market today. Available in Pecan Glaze Satin and Whitewash. Hundreds of items to cloose from with the most elegant selection of Fabrics.


Know your Rattan and Wicker before you buy.

Aware that the market place today can be confusing, Palm Springs Rattan® offers this information to assist the consumer in making a wise selection. The furniture buyer is confronted with many choices, often look-alikes, so that the ability to recognize and identify a quality product is essential for making the right decision. While style and appearance is important, quality rattan furniture which will last is always the best investment. Palm Springs Rattan's® combination of the two results in pride of ownership, complete satisfaction, and assures years of pleasure knowing you have invested your money wisely.

Why Rattan and Wicker?
From a practical standpoint, rattan is extremely rugged and durable, and if well constructed, rattan furniture can last a lifetime. Families with very active children select it because of the tremendous beating it can take. Most of us know a family who has passed rattan or wicker furniture down for generations. It's requirement for very little maintenance is preferred by many homeowners. The timeless appearance of rattan, when well designed, is enduring and extremely versatile. It never goes out of style. Rattan seating pieces sometime have the added advantage of separate seat and back cushions which can be easily replaced or recovered eliminating expensive upholstery costs.

The current trend toward natural materials has brought an even greater appreciation for rattan furniture. It goes well with live plants, pottery, basketry, and other hand crafted accessories. It can reflect a warm springtime feeling in any season. Rattan and wicker blends with ease into formal or informal settings. It is equally comfortable as a stand-alone accent in a formal setting or as a coordinated grouping in a complete room.

What is Rattan?
Rattan is actually the stem of a climbing palm, a rugged woody vine which can be steamed and formed into any desired shape. There are a number of varieties, several of which are commonly used for the various structural parts of a quality frame. The large rattan palm vines grow up to 600 feet in length and are cut when they are 7 to 10 years old. The vine is usually cut about three feet above the ground. The remaining shoot continues to grow and in seven years, is ready to harvest again. Rattan is an extraordinarily versatile material, extremely durable and tough, as well as resilient and flexible. Rattan offers unique possibilities to the furniture designer since no other natural wood can be formed into the intricate, graceful curves that rattan assumes so easily.

Rattan is sometimes confused with bamboo because distinctive joints or nodes every few feet make the two look similar. Rattan, however, is solid and bamboo is hollow. Bamboo cannot be bent or machined and will not accept nails or screws without splitting.

How to determine First-Quality Rattan Furniture.
First quality rattan furniture is built of hand selected quality rattan poles. A variety of coloration in the wood is normal and is caused by the combination of minerals in the soil where the particular plant was grown. This helps to give each piece of rattan furniture it's own unique personality. There truly are not any two pieces alike.

The individual poles should be uniform in size and not have a noticeably knobby look. The joints should be close fitting for greater strength and a pleasing appearance. Joints should be glued and secured with nails and screws. Bindings should be either quality genuine peel (the tough outer bark of the rattan pole) or genuine leather. In either case the binding should be tightly woven and secured for lasting durability. Palm Springs Rattan® peel and leather bindings are applied wet because as they dry they shrink, forming a more rigid joint. Palm Springs Rattan's® bindings are glued and nailed to assure permanent adhesion eliminating loosening or unwinding.

Well made furniture has a rigid frame. The quality of the seat frame is basic to overall strength of any piece. Lift the seat cushion and assure that the manufacturing is clean and strong. Tables should also be strong. They should not be wobbly. Moldings should be smooth and close fitting. They should be attached with glue and counter-sunk fasteners.

All mechanisms should be properly manufactured and rigidly mounted. Swivels should operate properly and freely. Quality casters should be mounted in reinforced caster sockets at the base of each leg. Palm Springs Rattan's® special technique and high quality standards virtually eliminate weakness in motion and caster mounts.

Finishing is highly important. It creates the desired look that you will enjoy for years to come. The application of multiple step finishes over thoroughly sanded and sealed rattan is the final step in quality furniture. Leader's uses the most beautiful and durable finishing processes available today.

What is the Difference between Rattan and Wicker?
There has always been a confusion as to the difference between rattan and wicker furniture. The two terms tend to be used interchangeably when they actually have very distinct characteristics. Rattan furniture is constructed by joining rattan poles. Wicker is a woven effect, much like a basket. Some weaves are plain, emphasizing texture, while others may be very intricate in design. However, all wicker has a "woven" look.

While the term "wicker" only refers to woven, there are a variety of materials used to produce wicker furniture. The most desirable modern day material is referred to as "core" wicker. It is cut from the core of the rattan pole. It can be tightly woven in a variety of patterns to produce extraordinary strength and beauty. Other canes, reeds, and grasses are sometimes used to produce various effects.

Rest assured, Palm Springs Rattan's® years of experience has resulted in valuable knowledge about the right way to build quality handcrafted rattan and wicker home furnishings. Experience the Difference!

Congratulations on your purchase of Palm Springs Rattan® beautifully handcrafted furniture.

Rattan and Wicker Care and Maintenance

Rattan is one of the most maintenance-free furniture materials in the world, and requires very little care in comparison to other types of furniture.

To remove dust, use a soft brush or the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

To keep furniture looking its best and to protect the finish, wipe occasionally with a damp cloth followed by an application of a good furniture polish. We find lemon oil to be an excellent polish for Rattan. Omit the lemon oil on white or whitewash finishes. For removal of body oils or dirt, we recommend Murphy's Oil Soap. If your rattan is a dark finish, Old English Scratch Cover is easy for small touch-up of scratches followed by a clear lacquer spray available from any hardware store. The clear lacquer is also perfect for touch-up on natural finish. Small touch-up on white or whitewash is easiest by brushing on a very small amount of correctly colored paint with the tip of a finger.

If binding or wrap loosens, return it back to its original position after applying white Elmer's Glue to the area. Hold it in place while the glue is drying by covering the repaired area with plastic wrap and tightly wrapping tape over the plastic wrap. When dry, remove the tape and the wrap for an invisible repair.

As you can see, there are no sophisticated materials or techniques needed for you to maintain your rattan or wicker furniture for a lifetime.

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Five Piece Rattan Dining Selection
Five Piece Rattan Dining Selection
Seven Piece Rattan Dining Selection

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Four Piece Rattan Three Seat Sofa Set, with two Chairs and Glass Top Coffee Table.

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Four Piece Rattan Sofa Set, with two Chairs, and Glass Top Coffee Table.
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Rattan Deep Seat Three Seat Sofa
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Rattan Deep Seat Three Seat Sofa
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