Wicker Discounts is proud to announce the addition of a number of Lighthouse Replicas to our product offerings. These Lighthouses are Custom made by Amish Master Craftsmen in Pennsylvania and shipped via FedEx directly to you, at no extra cost. They are made from
All Weather materials that will provide many years of carefree enjoyment.

The Lighthouses come is FIVE different sizes: Two Feet, Three Feet, Four Feet, Five Feet, and Six Feet. There are several different light options, should you want the Lighthouse to be Lighted. Your order will usually be shipped directly to you within 10 to 14 days.

There are a large number of Replicas to select from: Vermillion, OH // Tybee Island, GA // West Quoddy, ME // Cape Hattaras, NC // White Shoal, MI // Barnegat, NJ // Assateague, VA // St. Augustine, FL // Patriotic, USA // Oak Island, NC // Bodie Island, NC // Marblehead, OH // Cape Cod, MA // Montauk, NY // Cape Canaveral, FL // Fire Island, NY // Cape Lookout, NC.

You can select any of the above Replicas in any of the sizes ( 2 ft, 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft, and 6 ft. Should you desire a specific color combination for your order, just let us know.

The Prices for the Lighthouses, including free Shipping are as follows:
* The TWO Foot Lighthouse $210
* The THREE Foot Lighthouse $279
* The FOUR Foot Lighthouse $350
* The FIVE Foot Lighthouse $430
* The SIX Foot Lighthouse $680

Lighting options are as follows:
* Revolving Beacon Light $145
* Solar Light Kit $175
* Dusk to Dawn Light $ 59
All of the Lighting Kits are installed by the factory in your Lighthouse.

Should you want to place an order please call (919-818-5366) or send an email to Your order will be processed immediately.

Example of various size Lighthouses.
Cape Hattaras, N.C. Lighthouse

White Shoal, MI Lighthouse
Marblehead, OH Lighthouse
Cape Cod, MA Lighthouse

Barnegat, NJ Lighthouse
Assateague, VA Lighthouse
Montauk, NY Lighthouse

St. Augustine, FL Lighthouse
Cape Canaveral, FL Lighthouse
Fire Island, NY Lighthouse

Patriotic, USA Lighthouse
Oak Island, NC Lighthouse
Bodie Island, NC Lighthouse

Tybee Island, GA Lighthouse
West Quoddy, ME Lighthouse
Cape Lookout, NC Lighthouse

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